June 14, 2020

Private sleeping barrel

By: Dave Byers / Private Sleeping Barrels

Canadian sleeping barrels received a request to install a private sleeping barrel in a
backyard in Comox, BC

We loaded the sleeping barrel at the shop and drove to Comox, BC. These images will show the journey of the barrel from being on the trailer to installed in client’s backyard.

sleeping barrel loaded and ready to deliver

Arrived at the house and ready to start taking the barrel apart

starting to take apart
Some neighbours joined in to help
almost apart enough to start hauling parts and pieces to new site
up the driveway, along the trail and up to the new platform
almost there – just needs to be turned
everything unloaded and starting to re build
staves going on one side
half way up on both sides and the bubble is in
hoops all on and bed and benches being installed inside
explaining the electronic door lock code to the clients and handing over the keys
some images from the clients – they are now sleeping in their new sleeping barrel
tucked away – peaceful and quiet
our job here is done

If you want your own Canadian sleeping barrel or several for your resort, campground or
B & B, give us a call 1-250-415-9628 or email info@oneofakindcw.com