October 31, 2019

Ucluelet now has Canadian sleeping barrels

By: Dave Byers / First Nations Sleeping Barrels

GPO Charters now renting Canadian sleeping barrels

Overlooking the bay, spending the evening in this sleeping barrel is a truly unique experience.

Canadian sleeping barrel in Ucluelet
solar power at a Canadian sleeping barrel in Ucluelet
In a hammock after a long day in Ucluelet beside a Canadian sleeping barrel
Stairs lead to a Canadian sleeping barrel in Ucluelet
Available for rent and more coming

A new year and a new opportunity POST COVID
The owner of GPO Charters in Ucluelet is taking advantage of this down time to add two more sleeping barrels overlooking the harbor. The following are images of just how much work is being done by Don Saunders (awesome deck builder)

start of the new boardwalk at the water
Loads of rock and rough terrain where the walkway and stairs have to go.
Jasper the job forman is keeping an eye on the project. Where Jasper is sitting will be a landing
Long ramp to the landing
Next a LONG set of stairs to the next landing
Jasper making sure Don is doing a good job and by the looks of this project Dan is doing an awesome job!
another landing and two sets of stairs. Another set of stairs coming at you
Getting up to yet another landing
The view in these new Canadian sleeping barrels will be amazing
Looking at the stairs from the bottom up
Lot easier with stairs
long way down to the dock
2 more sleeping barrels ready to deliver
Everything is ready to deliver the 2 barrels. The boat is waiting.
Here you see two sleeping barrels knocked down ready to bring to the new areas that Don just built. I don’t envy Don having to haul all this up to the new platforms
platform one
Platform two
Putting the sleeping barrels back together
Empty barrel – now the bed, pull out table, benches, floor and cover
Barrel two ready to rent
Barrel one ready to rent