November 30, 2019

Sleeping barrel right into house

By: Dave Byers / First Nations Sleeping Barrels

A full time bedroom attached right into the house. Imagine only paying a fraction of the price to add a bedroom with a view to your house or cabin.

16′ Canadian sleeping barrel bedroom cut right into the wall

What does this Canadian sleeping barrel look like on the inside you may ask?

inside with 2 drawers

Drawers are on full extension slides and extend a full four feet

full extension slides

Pull out table and flip top seating for additional storage

16′ long sleeping barrel

Delivery day for a Canadian sleeping barrel built right into a cabin
Forklift the barrel onto a large hiab truck

16′ all clear barrel loaded onto the delivery truck
Straps set and the barrel is starting to be lifted
Up and over the cabin. See the plywood?
That will be cut out so the entire front of
the sleeping barrel can slide inside the cabin
Almost on the deck
In place, king mattress installed and ready for the cover
2′ of the front is scheduled to slide inside the cabin.
The heat from inside the cabin as well as a small 1500w
heater will heat the entire sleeping barrel all winter
The SUNBRELLA marine canvas cover (over 300 colors)
makes the entire barrel 100% waterproof.

Want your own sleeping barrel?

We charge $16,500 for an empty barrel where you do all the work


a 14 foot long for $20,000 where everything is done for you

$20,000 gets you the following

A 2′ for a front porch with 2 seats (7’ diameter x 14’)

king size bed platform with storage under

pull out table w benches on each side

electronic door lock (no keys needed)

Waterproof Sunbrella cover – your choice of color

duckboard to make the floor flat

battery LED Lights