October 31, 2019

Pender Harbour sleeping barrels

By: Dave Byers / First Nations Sleeping Barrels

Canadian sleeping barrels now available at Pender Harbour

check them out at https://www.airbnb.com/h/garden-bay-cliffdwellings

All 5 sleeping barrels got loaded onto one B train then off loaded one at a time onto a crane truck and over the hill onto the flats where they overlook the valley below.

We received lots of looks and head turns as we took the 2 ferries from Vancouver Island to Pender Harbour.

We had to extend the deck on the crane truck as our barrels are 14′ long plus the bubble

An updated image sent from the owners shows what they are doing to make guests more comfortable and dry during the rainy season.

You have the option to order your barrel READY TO RENT or empty where you agree to do the waterproof cover as well as all the work inside. Dave and Katy decided to do the work themselves so we delivered empty barrels. This is what an empty barrel would look like.

You can purchase the empty barrel and do the work yourself
empty barrel – you get to make the inside the way you want