November 10, 2019

Inside Canadian sleeping barrels

By: Dave Byers / First Nations Sleeping Barrels

We will show you some of the different options you can have in designing your Canadian sleeping barrel

Perhaps you are a handyman and want to look after the inside yourself. You receive a 7′ diameter x 12′ long barrel as a blank canvas. What we mean here is you receive the front wall completely assembled, the staves (that make up the walls of the barrel), the hoops that hold everything together and the large bubble. The inside is empty, ready for you to do your handiwork.

Empty barrels ready for you
Pull out table can be 24″ to 36″ wide
Mattress can go lengthwise or across the width. Either way will fit a king
Option 3 is bunk beds in the bubble and a desk or small bed on the right
Pillows right in the bubble
Our newest option is 2 LARGE drawers on full extension slides under the bed

Top drawer open