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Yes, an empty barrel 7′ diameter x 12′ is $16,500

$20,000 is a finished sleeping barrel and gets you the following

  • includes a front porch with 2 seats (7’ diameter x 14’).
  • King size bed platform with storage under.
  • Pull out table w benches on each side.
  • Electronic door lock (no keys needed).
  • Waterproof Sunbrella cover (your choice of color).
  • Duckboard to make the floor flat.
  • Battery LED Lights.

Yes, we can ship up to 5 fully assembled.

You would have to hire a crane truck that carefully lifts each sauna off the trailer and places it where you want it.

The most common is a king size bed.

We have also made 39” x 80” bunk beds, single 30” wide beds, twin 39” beds and queen beds.
The benches on both sides of the pull out table could also be small beds. We were just asked to make both benches 6′ long to accommodate 1 more person on each bench

The bubbles are smoked or bronzed so it is like looking into a pair of sunglasses. We also offer the option of a curved curtain rod that follows the curve of the bubble inside.

The sleeping barrel is not waterproof. You will have a mattress and bedding inside. To make 100% sure that everything keeps dry we include a SUNBRELLA marine canvas cover It is custom sewn using marine threads and is UV protected, mildew and rot proof. To clean use a warm water and mild soap then rinse.

No, the walls are 1 ½” thick western red cedar. These are easy to heat and cool. There is no bathroom and no running water You can choose our shower barrel if you want to offer your guests a shower or composting toilet.

Yes, we have the following options available (but not limited to)

  • A fridge unit
  • Pull out Kurig coffee maker.
  • Air conditioning / heating
  • Port hole with fly screen to replace the round glass in the door.
  • Microwave
  • Wine rack for up to 2 bottles
  • Wine glass rack
  • Coat / robe hooks
  • Roll out drawers to come from under the bed (good for up to 600 pounds).
  • Storage under the benches on both sides of the table.
  • additional lengths up to 16’
  • CUSTOM lengths (based on your needs and budget)
  • Solar venting
  • LARGE curved picture window on either side
  • Small toilet and sink option
  • Solar options

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    • What does each unit weigh?
      1700 pounds
    • Are they CSA Approved?
      Any components inside (Fridge, coffee maker, fan, heater) etc. is
      There is no reason to have the barrel CSA
    • Is heavy machinery required to piece them together? (ie. the bubble piece)
      No just 2 people can fully assemble this in 2 to 4 hours
    • How many pieces do they come delivered in?
      The floor is screwed to the cradles and arrives in 1 piecs
      The staves (all 60) are packed in the curve of the floor
      The bed joists, seating, duckboard and all supports are next
      The front wall is pre made and sits on cross pieces screwed to the sides of the crate
      The bubble is secured to the front wall
    • Any suggestions for winterizing the units
      Yes, a layer of tin foil insulation under the Sunbrella cover
    • Something to cover the Sunbrella cover for winter
      Something as simple as an RV cover, Amazon has cheap ones.